ATA 2016 Recap by Heath Cohen Jun 21, 2016

Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies at ATA 2016

My name is Heath Cohen. I am the Program Manager for Telemedicine and Business Development for Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies. Let’s take a look back at ATA 2015 in Los Angeles and compare to the ATA 2016 event in Minneapolis. ATA 2015 was my first time attending and exhibiting.

Going into my first ATA, I was excited to learn more about telemedicine from the pros. I attended 6 hours of classes taught by respected professionals in every aspect of Telemedicine. Telemedicine 101 and 102 were very informative. I learned about many aspects of Telemedicine, from the future billing opportunities doctors have, opportunities for telemedicine businesses, as well as requirements for a quality Telemedicine Cart / Terminal.

As I sat taking notes for hours, one thing kept dawning on me. I work for an acoustic company. I looked for signs of any Telemedicine requirements or advice on quality sound for these terminals. At the end of these courses, I approached the experts and voiced my concern. I had learned that there were many requirements for quality video, but not one (of the more than 10 speakers) mentioned sound quality, requirements, or even recommendations. As I was talking with one of the experts, I stated, “If Video fails, you can continue talking to the patient. If audio fails, the session is over.” I invited many guest instructors to stop by the Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies booth to listen to our demonstration and experience “Sound Medicine” firsthand.

In the days that followed, the Bongiovi contingency did more than 250 demonstrations. One of the major things I noticed were that operators of telemedicine programs didn’t even realize how poor their sound quality was on their Telemedicine terminals. Every time the Bongiovi crew did a presentation, we saw eyes light up! Many asked how we made the sound and words so clear. We were at ATA to learn and see what effect we could have on the growing industry of Telemedicine. We were overwhelmed with their enthusiasm.

Fast-forward a year. This year, Bongiovi Medical introduced MDPS™ and IntelliSpeech™. Once again, the Bongiovi contingency was busy with hundreds of demonstrations. Again, the enthusiasm was great, especially for IntelliSpeech!

Bongiovi Medical’s IntelliSpeech™, powered by MDPS™, is an audio processing software that increases the intelligibility of critical speech on your computer. When transcribing important voice recordings or engaging in VoIP communications, IntelliSpeech delivers crystal clear audio in all listening environments.
The biggest difference at ATA 2016 (from the previous show) was the size and number of exhibitors. I don’t have the exact numbers, but it was obvious how much ATA has grown. Not only was the growth of the show evident, but also the quality of the displays. Bongiovi Medical was not going to be left behind. This year we displayed a great double booth including a Platinum Record from our founder, Tony Bongiovi.



In conclusion, I wanted to note a few other improvements from ATA 2015 to ATA 2016. The Exhibitor breakfast was very enjoyable this year. We were so busy giving demonstrations, that it’s hard to believe we even had a minute to eat.


I’d also like to extend a well deserved Congratulations to BMHT CTO Glenn Yeaw for being added to the ATA Advisory Board this year.


The Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies team was proud to be an ATA President’s Circle member.  I must say, Minneapolis was a great location for this event.


As you can see above, we really enjoyed the VIP Sky Access to the Exhibit Hall.  As you can see, Joseph Butera III and I had a great time at a restaurant named, Hell’s Kitchen.  I cannot wait until ATA 2017 in Orlando.

Heath Cohen Telemedicine PM, BMHT

Heath Cohen Telemedicine PM, BMHT

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