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Joe Butera JrJoe Butera, Jr. directs administration, design, technology application, implementation and new business development for Bongiovi Acoustics and Bongiovi Medical. He was born in Baltimore and later lived in Arnold, MD. It was here that Joe Butera, Jr. attended Anne Arundel Community College and received an AA in Business Data Processing. He relocated to Port St. Lucie, FL in 1981 where he went on to run a successful software business and family owned and operated recording studio called, Avalon Recording. A musician at heart, Mr. Butera chased his dreams and developed many artists through this recording facility. It was through this endeavor that Joe met legendary record producer and founder of Bongiovi Medical, Tony Bongiovi. They shared a common interest in all things audio and quickly realized the potential to enhance audio all over the world in a variety of ways. Although diverse in his interests, Joe Butera, Jr. loves playing guitar, spending time on the water, fishing, sailing and diving. He currently lives in Port St. Lucie, FL near the Bongiovi Medical home base.