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Bongiovi Medical is committed to advancing acoustics in medicine. One of the ways to accomplish this is the self publication of scientific white papers. Below is a list of currently available white papers along with a brief abstract of each. Request a copy below.



White Paper Topics

  • Improving Speech Intelligibility Using Advanced Audio Processing Techniques
  • This white paper discusses how to improve the intelligibility of a telemedicine system using advanced audio processing techniques. It also discusses how to empirically measure the intelligibility of a system and compares those measurements with and without audio processing.

    Request a copy of the Speech Intelligibility Whitepaper by clicking here.


  • IntelliSpeech™ and Medical Transcription
  • This white paper discusses the documented benefits of using human transcriptionist vice speech recognition software systems for medical records. It also discusses how the intelligibility improvements of IntelliSpeech™ can make human transcriptionists more efficient and cost effective.

    Request a copy of the IntelliSpeech and Medical Transcription White Paper by clicking here.


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