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Having trouble with audio?  Go to the ABOUT tab and click the (?) icon at the bottom right.  Use the Setup Wizard to walk through the most common audio issues.  If you are still having trouble please contact us by clicking here.

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  1. Enable or disable audio processing – Click the Caduceus icon or the PROCESSING on/off switch to turn MDPS audio processing or or off.
  2. Change your output mode – Choose the way you hear audio on your computer.
  3. MDPS processing mode – Use NORMAL mode for most audio recordings.  Use STRONG mode if the recording is quiet or you need to hear more detail.
  4. Audio Visualization – See frequency content of your audio in real-time.  The bars represent lowest frequencies on the left and highest frequencies on the right.
  5. Treble and Bass tone controls – Move the dot around the square to dial in a specific sound you want to hear.  Move the circle left or right to change frequency (keeping in the middle is a good starting point).  Move the circle up or down to increase or decrease the amount of your desired frequency.  Audio distortion is automatically prevented.  This is a very powerful tool!



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IntelliSpeech FAQ

Learn More about MDPS Audio Processing



  1. Audio Profile Selection – Click the drop-down menu to select a different MDPS sound profile.  Each sound profile affects the audio a different way.
  2. Output Selection – Click the drop-down menu to choose the output device on your computer you want to play audio from.  IntelliSpeech processes all audio on your computer so you must make your selection here.  NOTE:  In some cases you must connect your headphones first before they will appear in this menu.
  3. Change the look of IntelliSpeech – IntelliSpeech may be customized for your business.  Choose a “skin” from the drop-down menu.  Then click SET SKIN.  IntelliSpeech will restart with the new look.
  4. Enable or Disable tooltips – Uncheck this box to prevent tool tip hints from displaying when you hover over a control.
  5. Enable or Disable audio visualizer – Disable the visualizer to use less CPU and save battery life.
  6. Auto-adjust Volume on startup and quit – IntelliSpeech will adjust the volume to normal levels when it launches and quits.  Uncheck this box to prevent any changes to your system volume controls.
  7. Open Windows Audio Settings – Click this to open the Audio Control Panel for troubleshooting.