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Is your company looking to improve the quality of audio in your workplace or environment? Do you manufacture a device that requires a high level of audio intelligibility? Our doctors and engineers at Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies (BMHT) are ready to work alongside your team to provide solutions to your unique audio challenges.


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The Medical Digital Power Station, or MDPS™ is the FDA listed version of the award-winning Bongiovi DPS™ audio processor for the consumer market. While the Bongiovi DPS algorithm has been employed in many devices to make music and movies sound great, the MDPS algorithm and its associated parameter sets are specially calibrated and verified for communication and medical applications. Click here to learn more.



Bongiovi Medical is committed to advancing the use of acoustics data in medicine.  An effective method to accomplish this is the self-publication of scientific white papers. We are building a library of white papers on a number of subjects as well as publishing new ones on a regular basis. We’re compiling data on various of aspects of the use of audio in medicine.  BMHT has placed them in one convenient location.

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